Eastern Recovery Inc. is not your typical collateral recovery business. Founded by a dedicated and experienced owner with 38 years in the industry, our company stands as a woman-owned beacon of excellence in the world of high end asset recovery.

Experience and Integrity: With nearly four decades of experience, our owner brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. But we are more than just experience; we are a group of professionals who hold strong moral character at the core of our operations. In an industry often filled with liability and temptations to take shortcuts, we stand steadfast in our commitment to ethical and compliant practices.

Local Strength, Nationwide Reach: Based in the heart of Rhode Island, we offer professional asset recovery services locally and extend our reach nationwide. Our fleet of recovery trucks, flatbed tow trucks, and camera cars can be seen throughout Rhode Island, ready to assist. Beyond our state borders, we’ve cultivated a network of compliant agents that spans the entire nation.

Patriotism and Commitment: We take pride in our patriotic spirit and our unwavering commitment to serving our clients and communities with honor and respect. At Eastern Recovery Inc., you can trust that we hold ourselves to the highest standards, ensuring that we do right even when nobody is looking.

Discover the Eastern Recovery Difference: Explore our services and get to know the team that stands for excellence, integrity, and compliance in the world of asset recovery. Whether you’re in Rhode Island or anywhere across the nation, Eastern Recovery Inc. is your partner in professional and ethical collateral recovery.