Eastern Recovery Inc. is your trusted partner in the world of asset recovery, skip tracing, and nationwide vendor management. Based in the heart of Rhode Island, we offer a range of specialized services that set us apart in an industry riddled with challenges and temptations.

1. Professional Asset Recovery: At Eastern Recovery Inc., we pride ourselves on our professional and efficient asset recovery services. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected and that the recovery process is carried out with the highest level of expertise and precision. With a fleet of recovery trucks, flatbed tow trucks, and camera cars navigating the streets of Rhode Island, you can trust that we have the resources to handle your local repossession needs.

2. Skip Tracing: Skip tracing is a critical component of effective asset recovery, and we excel in this area. Our skip tracing experts use the latest tools and techniques to locate and contact individuals whose assets need to be recovered. This ensures that our clients receive the most up-to-date and accurate information, increasing the chances of successful recovery.

3. Nationwide Vendor Management: For clients with nationwide repossession needs, Eastern Recovery Inc. offers comprehensive vendor management services. Our compliant network of agents spans the entire nation, allowing us to efficiently handle assignments across state lines. By choosing us as your vendor management partner, you gain access to a well-established and reliable network. 

4. Aircraft Remarketing: When the time comes to remarket your aircraft, rely on us to handle the entire process with precision and efficiency. Leveraging our extensive database and network of key contacts, we excel in reaching agreements even when timeframes are tight. Our goal is to cut through complexities and secure the best deal for you.  Click here to learn more.

The Eastern Recovery Difference: What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to strong moral character and integrity. In an industry often filled with liability and temptations, we stand as a beacon of ethical practices. Our patriotic spirit and dedication to doing what’s right, even when nobody is looking, ensure that you receive services of the highest caliber.

Choose Eastern Recovery Inc. for Repossessions in Rhode Island and Nationwide: Whether you need local repossession services in Rhode Island or are looking for a partner to manage nationwide assignments, Eastern Recovery Inc. is here to serve you. Our experience, commitment to compliance, and unwavering moral character make us the trusted choice in the world of asset recovery.